quarta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2010

Endless love

If I could choose another life, definetly you would be on it, as a boy or girl. My heart belong's to you until the world end up, but after that I still will love you. Sometimes when I lay down my head on my pillow, I start to dream about us, and how nice would be to take you to a desert island, and there, be just me and you, nobody else would be necessary. You showed me the paradise and I don't want get out there for nothing. And let me tell you that I have one deep secret, I finally found the love of my life, and it's you, only you and no one else. Remember when we were little and didn't know anything about love? Well ... I asked to my mom what is this weird word, love, what this really mean, she said that one day I would find a person that makes my heart speed so fast, feels like a million of butterfly on my tommy, and when I just think about lose that person, a tear falls accidently in my face. All that happens to me, when I see or thought about you, that's why I am sure about what I feel about you, and it's love for sure!

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